On July 5, a group of 67 participants from Malta took part in the first of three cross-border dialogues organised by the European Commission in the run up to the European Parliament (EP) elections in 2019.

The aim of these events is to facilitate the emergence of a true ‘European public opinion’ in view of the European elections: a group of people that defines itself not according to nationality but according to the stakes they have in common on the European future, and are willing to discuss this among themselves, and be aware that via their vote they can shape EU policies.

The cross-border events involve Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs) from Malta, Gozo, Palermo and Trapani. The group from Malta, organised by EDIC Gozo, EDIC University and EDIC Valletta, consisted of representatives of NGOs, local councils, university students, academics and other interested community members. The participants joined some 120 participants from Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento in this event, which consisted of informative and discussion parts.

During the event, participants had the time to discuss in groups themes related to whether the EU should do more in foreign policy, social policies, migration, tax harmonisation and whether citizens would be ready to pay some taxes directly to the EU budget in order to obtain European public goods.

The next event will be held in Malta on 16 October 2018 and the third event will be held in Trapani on 26 February 2019