Today the European Commission published its latest report on the Commission’s system to prevent or restrict the selling of dangerous products on the market, the so-called ‘Rapid Alert System’.

The report, presented at a press conference by Commissioner Reynders, shows that in 2019 the number of actions taken by authorities from the 31 participating countries to address dangerous products following an alert is growing year on year, reaching 4,477 in 2019 compared to 4050 in 2018. The report also shows that toys were the most notified product category (29% of total notifications), followed by motor vehicles (23%), and electrical appliances and equipment (8%).

Today the Commission also published the results of a new initiative launched by the Commission in 2019, to test a selective number of products jointly with European authorities. In 2019, 652 products were tested for safety, including personal transport devices, soft-filled toys, chargers, batteries, bicycle seats for children and slime toys. 75 products were found to pose serious risks for consumers and were subsequently registered in the Rapid Alert System.

In the context of the current health pandemic, the Commission is also launching a specific call for products related to the virus. The joint work with national authorities – which will be similar to the work carried out for non-coronavirus-related products, will cover face masks, hand disinfectants and gloves, and is expected to start in mid-July 2020.

A press release is available here. More information on the Commission’s work to protect consumers from dangerous products is available here.