The European Commission recently launched a brand new website - Learning Corner.

Learning Corner is targeted at primary and secondary school pupils, their teachers and parents. Available in all EU official languages on Europa, the Learning Corner is a rich repository of free games, quizzes, learning and teaching materials focusing on the EU and its benefits for European citizens. Children are invited to play games on a wide array of topics such as climate change, cultural heritage, languages or agriculture, andteachers can find a valuable collection of resources to help them teach students about the EU and how it works.

The Learning Corner also provides further information for teachers looking to network with their peers, and for young people on working, studying, volunteering, and other opportunities.

The Learning Corner platform complements the European Commission’s range of corporate publications on the EU, which are available to everyone who wishes to learn more about Europe as a whole or a specific EU topic.

All publications can be ordered via the Publications Office of the European Union.

Learning Corner: