Europe Direct Valletta, hosted by MEUSAC, set up an EU Corner at this year’s Science in the City – European Researchers’ Night. The festival is held annually in Valletta with this year’s programme centred around the theme: ‘The Science of YOU’. The festival presents Malta’s leading scientists, artists and influential thinkers who bring science and the arts to life. Visitors had the opportunity to see how research impacts each and every one of us in our daily lives. This year’s EU Corner amalgamated science and research by promoting the EU’s benefits for citizens – children and students in particular. Themed, ‘The EU for You’, EDIC Valletta/MEUSAC showcased how EU funds in the areas of research are invested into beneficial projects for innovation and development. Children and students who visited the EU Corner had the opportunity to take part in building a life-size map of Europe by placing individual countries in their correct geographical position. They were also invited to answer questions on the respective countries. EU publications were also available at the stand for visitors to increase their knowledge on the EU. The EU Corner stand also hosted the following entities:

  • Aqua Bio Tech Group showcased an aquaculture and aquatic environmental project funded by the EU’s research programme Horizon 2020.
  • The European Parliament Liaison Office in Malta offered a virtual reality experience of the European Parliament.
  • A Marie-Curie Fellow researcher promoted the Innovative Training Networks – a project that predicts modelling tools to evaluate the effects of climate change on food safety.)
  • The European Molecular Biology Organisation consisting of more than 1800 leading researchers was represented by the University of Malta to promote excellence in life sciences in Europe and beyond.