The Institute for European Studies, in collaboration with the Europe Direct Information Centre - University of Malta, launched its first annual publication on Monday 15 October at Europe House in Valletta. In the presence of the Prime Minister, the Rector, and Pro-Rector Carmen Sammut, the Institute launched a publication on the academic assessment of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU, entitled ‘Malta's Presidency of the EU’. Chapters on all the priority areas of the Maltese Presidency have been included in the book edited by Dr Mark Harwood (Director of the Institute), Dr Stefano Moncada and Prof. Roderick Pace. Contributors came from across academia, the public service and entities abroad, including the University of Copenhagen.

During his address, Dr Mark Harwood Director of the Institute, thanked all those who helped in the production of the book. Dr Carmen Sammut, Pro-Rector and Chairperson of the Institute, spoke about the teaching and research which had led to the Institute to become the largest at University in terms of student numbers.

The Rector, Prof. Alfred Vella, spoke about the important relationship between University and its alumni, stressing that this is a means for maintaining a close bond between the University and its former students. With over 700 alumni, the Institute has a notable number of alumni, including the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister spoke about Malta's experience of the Presidency and the lessons learnt and observed. He went on to say that the next year would be a challenging one as EP elections could lead to difficulties in formulating a new Commission. The speeches were then followed by a panel discussion which included Dr Vanni Xuereb (Head of MEUSAC), Dr Stefano Moncada (Lecturer) and Ms Nicola Mangion (President of JEF Malta).

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