To reflect the growing preoccupation with BREXIT, Europe Direct University organised a follow-up seminar on BREXIT from a UK perspective, analysing how the Conservative parties BREXIT divisions have come to determine the outcome of negotiations. Dr David Jeffrey’s of Liverpool University spoke to an audience of over 90 people on this topic at the Old University Building in Valletta.

Dr David Jeffery from the University of Liverpool visited the Institute for European Studies to hold a series of lectures on Brexit, the Conservative Party and international affairs. These lectures, organised by the Europe Direct Information Centre within the Institute for European Studies, explored the various Brexit options being considered and the internal divisions within the Conservative Party.

In a second lecture delivered at the Valletta Campus, Dr Jeffery gave a brief historical overview of the divisions within the party over Europe. He gave an outline of the voting patterns of the electorate and explored some of the key issues raised during negotiations. He concluded that there is no consensus among party members over the relationship that the UK should have with the European Union.

The public participated in the Question and Answer session which followed the lectures. Questions referred to the status of Gibraltar after Brexit, the impact of Brexit on Malta and the political makeup of the United Kingdom following Brexit.